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What Is a Permanent Makeup Touch-Up Appointment?

During the first round of permanent makeup ink, the treated area(s) will become saturated with deep color causing these areas to swell and the tissue to reject further pigment. Over time, those areas will start to show less color, and a second appointment will be needed to fill them in. It is best to wait 4 to 8 weeks for complete tissue healing and color stabilization to make this first touch-up appointment. Once the desired results are achieved, the client can keep the color looking fresh with a permanent makeup touch-up visit every few years. 

Why Get Permanent Make-Up Touch-Ups?

Permanent makeup changes over time for several reasons. Fading can occur due to sun exposure, tanning, skin care products/makeup remover, and your skin’s natural exfoliation process. Exposure to these elements oxidizes the color, which can make a brown turn pink and a black turn blue. For these reasons it’s important to come in for a touch up appointment every few years.

Please talk to your makeup artist to establish the correct time and pricing that will match your unique needs.

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Permanent Makeup Touchups?

Woman After Permanent Makeup Touch-Up
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