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What Is a Permanent Makeup Touch-Up Appointment?

Getting your first round of permanent makeup? Expect your skin to soak up a lot of that deep color, which might make you a bit puffy and cause your skin to say "no more!" for a while. But don't worry, as the color will start to fade over time and you'll need a second appointment to really get those colors popping. It's a good idea to chill for about 4 to 8 weeks so your skin can heal and the color can really settle. Once you've got the look you're after, just pop in for a touch-up every few years to keep things looking fresh and fabulous!

Why Get Permanent Make-Up Touch-Ups?

Your permanent makeup won't stay the same forever. Sunbathing, your favorite skincare goodies, wiping off your day's makeup, or your skin's own exfoliating routine can cause the color to fade. These factors can cause the color to oxidize, which means your cool brown might turn into a pink and your jet black might morph into a blue. So, don't forget to pop in for a touch-up every few years.


Having a chat with your makeup artist about when to come in and how much it'll cost is a good idea, as everyone's needs are a tad different.

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Permanent Makeup Touchups?

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