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Angela Neal, Phoenix PMU's founder, has spent the past 28 years as a makeup artist. She is trained by one of the nation's best, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown. As such, her aesthetics are natural, soft, and custom to your own unique face shape, bone structure, and color; all done with expert color theory knowledge. Angela's permanent makeup is artistry, not just created with rulers, string, or stencils. Instead, she works like a true artist, giving a more natural and symmetrical brow, liner, or lip style, absolutely no cookie-cutter styles, and shapes, all custom to each client's needs. For the best permanent eyeliner, eyelash enhancement, lash lifts, lip tinting, lip blushing, eyebrow tattooing, powder brows, ombre brows, combo brows, and microblading in The Woodlands, contact Angela Neal of Phoenix Permanent Makeup today!

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