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Brow Microblading Process


One of our most popular cosmetic services is microblading. This semi-permanent makeup treatment uses a manual, handheld tool called a microblade whose ultra-fine needles resemble that of a blade; hence the name. The microblade allows us to carefully and meticulously etch individual hairs by depositing pigment into the skin. To provide the absolute best results, the pigment is personalized to match your own natural hair color. This allows our makeup artists to design stunning shades of brown, black, red, and blonde eyebrows. For the most stunning microblading in The Woodlands TX, don't hesitate! Contact us today!


Combo brows take two existing semi-permanent methods (microblading and powder brows) and blend them into one! This technique is also known as shading. By using a microblade to manually place hair-strokes around the edges of the brow, we're able to give you drop-dead gorgeous eyebrows that have a simply natural look.

Combination Brows
Ombre Brows


If you're after that gentle blend of color in your brows, then you'll absolutely adore the Ombré shading technique. Picture this: ultra-fine pigment delicately deposited into your skin using a compact machine, resulting in an effortlessly shaded brow look. We all know how tricky and nerve-wracking it can be to get the shape of your eyebrows just right - it's practically an art form in itself. The good news is, our Texas brow bar is here to make life a bit easier. We offer semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos. Imagine ditching the daily chore of doing your brows and waking up every morning looking your absolute best. Crazy, right? Get in touch to chat about Ombré brows today!


If you're all about that makeup life, powder brows are your ticket to round-the-clock fabulousness. Think of them as a soft, powdered makeup effect that's tattooed right onto your brows, thanks to some fancy shading techniques and a nifty gadget that's a lot like a tattoo machine. Opting for this semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing method means you'll be rocking perfect powder brows 24/7.

Before & After Powder Brows
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Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows?

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